For over 20 years at Otherwords, we have been focusing on providing translations, interpreting services and language training to meet the specific needs of our clients.

With our work, we help companies above all to fill their language needs to improve visibility and expansion on the foreign market. We avail ourselves of the help of mother tongue translators, interpreters and teachers. All our collaborators have adequate training that allows us to offer a high quality service.

Here are some of the projects we have carried out for the clients who have chosen us:


  • Translation of the e-commerce catalogue for the fall/winter – spring/summer collections.
    (Italian > French, Spanish, German).

Mahle Componenti Motori Italia spa

  • Individual and group courses in English, German, French and Italian for foreigners.
  • We provided technical translations for the mechanical components sector (Italian < > English, German) and interpreters (Italian < > English, Polish) at international meetings and training courses.

Metropolitan City of Turin

  • Translations, simultaneous interpreting and voiceovers for videos as part of international projects relating to the territory (Italian > French, English).


  • Translations of marketing texts in the wedding and formal wear sector (Italian > English, French, Spanish)

Achab Group

  • Written translations and video voiceovers for projects related to sustainability, the environment and education in schools.
    (Italian > English, French, Arabian and Chinese)


  • English courses
    Translation of technical documents (Italian > English; German)

BITO Italia srl

  • Technical translations for the shelving and warehouse management sector.
  • Translation of contracts and other administrative documents (Italian > German, English).

KUKA Roboter Italia S.p.A

  • English language courses, both for groups and individuals, face-to-face and online.

Brigade Electronics

  • English language courses, both for individuals and for groups.
  • Translation of company presentations and technical documentation regarding vehicle safety systems (Italian < > English; English > Czech).


  • Translation of technical and marketing documentation in the residential and industrial cleaning, waste management, plant maintenance and energy efficiency sectors (Italian > French; English).


  • Translations of technical texts in the pump and industrial mixer sector (Italian > English, Spanish).

Studio Legale Comba & Rosano

  • Translation of legal documents (Italian > Bulgarian, Romanian, German, French, Greek, English, Chinese and other languages) and the relative sworn translation and legalisation services before the pertinent authorities.


  • Translations of laboratory tests on metallic materials for the automotive sector (Italian > English)
  • English language courses offering tailor-made learning programmes to meet specific needs.

Derichebourg Italia – San Germano

  • English and French language courses.
  • Technical translations in the waste management sector (Italian > French).


  • Translations of marketing texts across several fields, including food and wine and local tourism (Italian > English).

Studio legale Salussoglia

  • Translation of contracts and legal documents in the fields of commercial, corporate, real estate and family law (Italian > English, Polish), accompanied by the relevant sworn translation and legalisation services.

C.S.T.A. S.r.l.

  • Translations of user manuals for machine tools (Italian <> English; Italian > Polish, Hungarian).


  • Translation and certification of technical documentation on fire-fighting systems (Italian > English, French).

Prima Floors

  • Translations of technical documentation and tender specifications in the technical flooring sector (German > Italian)

Falbo & Manara Legal Firm

  • Translation of legal documents (Italian > Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Croatian, German, English, Arabic, French and other languages) and related sworn translation and legalisation services


  • Technical and corporate translations relating to friction materials and braking systems for agricultural and construction machinery and industrial applications (Italian > German).

BBC s.r.l.

  • Translation of administrative and financial documents (Italian > English, Portuguese; Polish, Swedish > Italian).


  • Translations of machinery and plant manuals, amounting to over 300,000 words, for several end clients (Italian > Hungarian, Russian; English > Hungarian, Russian).


  • Translation of contracts and administrative documents (Italian > English).

FRI sas

  • Translation of marketing texts relating to the marble production sector (Italian > English, German, French, Spanish).


  • Technical and marketing translations in the field of traditional handmade braiding (Italian > English, German).

SDC Service

  • Translation of texts relating to the organisation of international events in the field of corporate entertainment (Italian > English, French, German, Spanish, Russian).

GD D’Alto

  • Translation of legal, administrative and technical documentation relating to patents and trademark protection (Italian > English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Slovak, Arabic)


The Department of Communication, Relations with the Territory and Residents of the Metropolitan City of Turin worked together with Otherwords on several occasions within the scope of various European projects, both for the interpreting of seminars and conferences (in person and also using digital platforms) and for the voiceover for videos in foreign languages.


We turned to Otherwords for translation services and language courses. In both cases we found a partner capable of listening to us, understanding our needs and offering us solutions in a fast, flexible and personalised way. Unlike previous experiences, we were given a language course that was 100% tailored to our needs and taught by excellent teachers, not only in professional terms but on a personal level too. This made achieving results easier and more enjoyable.

Elisabetta R. – Motivexlab

Serena Valentino is a reliable and meticulous professional. We at BRIGADE SRL used Otherwords' translation services from Italian into various languages (English, German, Croatian) and vice versa. The result was impeccable, even when it came to translating particularly complicated technical components. We also took English language courses with excellent end results for our employees.

Maurizio C. – Brigade Electronics Group

Courtesy, skill and punctuality. Serena Valentino and Otherwords have always been a qualified and reliable partner for my legal firm.

Stefano M. – Falbo and Manara legal firm

We have collaborated with Otherwords on several projects. They are always extremely attentive to the quality of the product. They are willing to listen and weigh up any problems in order to find the best solutions to offer the client. Working with them is a pleasure.

Daniela L. – Stedan

You don't always find such diligent and punctual partners as Otherwords, a company that not only offers very fair prices but also makes every effort to find the best way to translate a text, adapting it to the target culture.

Francesco T. – Fri

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